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Dhalapathy Sadacharan
Dr Dhalapathy Sadacharan is an eminent surgeon in the field of Endocrine & Breast Surgery in India. He has been an active Practitioner in Chennai as an Endocrine Surgeon providing quality health care
Thyroid Diseases

 Thyroid Diseases

Goiters :
A thyroid goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid gland. Goiters are often removed because they compress other vital structures of the neck including the trachea and the esophagus making breathing and swallowing difficult.

Sometimes goiters will actually grow into the chest where they can cause trouble as well. Imaging with ultrasonography, Xray or CT scan may help explain the extent of thyroid goiter problems.

Thyroid Cancer :
Thyroid cancer is a fairly common malignancy. The most common would be Papillary thyroid cancer followed by follicular and medullary carcinoma. Surgery forms the main stay of treatment. Adjunct treatments include radio iodine therapy and then hormonal therapy.

With proper care, majority of thyroid cancers have an excellent cure & prognosis. We provide a comprehensive surgical and clinical management for thyroid cancer and its typical treatment, follow-up, and prognosis.

Solitary Thyroid Nodules :
A solitary thyroid nodule is an isolated swelling in one lobe of the thyroid which is distictlly separate from the rest of the gland both clinically & radiologically. There are several characteristics of solitary nodules of the thyroid which make them suspicious for malignancy.

Occasionally, thyroid nodules can take on characteristics of malignancy and require either a needle biopsy or surgical excision.

Our work up include Needle Biopsy (FNAC-fine needle aspiration cytology) for evaluating a thyroid nodule and Ultrasound in diagnosing thyroid nodules and masses.

Hyperthyroidism :

Hyperthyroidism means excessive secretion of thyroid hormone. We do provide thorough treatment to patients with anti-thyroid drugs, beta blockers , surgery or radioactive iodine.

Each method has advantages and disadvantages and is customized for individual patients after careful and comprehensive evalution of the Patient.

Hypothyroidism :
Hypothyroidism means too little thyroid hormone and is a common problem. In fact, hypothyroidism is often present for a number of years before it is recognized and treated There are several common causes, among which autoimmunity is the most common cause.

Hypothyroidism can even be associated with pregnancy. Treatment for all types of hypothyroidism is usually straightforward.

Thyroiditis :
Thyroiditis is an inflammatory process ongoing within the thyroid gland.

Thyroiditis can present with a number of symptoms such as fever and pain, but it can also present as subtle findings of hypo or hyper-thyroidism. There are a number of causes, some more common than others.
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